What is Autism... Really? A.T.D.R.A. for Teachers [trans., DYNAMIC RELATIONAL THERAPY APPROACH (created in WATER)]

Please take this rare opportunity to join us for this life-transforming workshop by Dr. Antonio Rinaldi, Italy-based clinical psychologist, specialist in autism, and founder of A.T.D.R.A. [trans., DYNAMIC RELATIONAL THERAPY APPROACH (created in Water)] and co-presenter, Ms. Choo Kah Ying (author and joyful mother of Sebastien, her autistic son).

A part of our "Saving Autistic Lives Mission", this workshop for teachers only will provide an accurate, insider understanding of autistic functioning. Teachers will acquire the ATDRA mindset and techniques, as well as tools, and learn how to apply them to:

  • Organise classroom space and time for proper introduction of activity,
  • Teach autistic learners to perform academic tasks, follow instructions, etc.,
  • Deal with challenging behaviours, and
  • Address their own frustration and stress of managing multiple expectations.

Current so-called mainstream evidence-based practices are focused on making autistic individuals behave like "normal" people (based on narrow mainstream conceptions). However, they fail to tap into the importance of addressing the well-being of autistic individuals from the inside and enabling the key figures in their lives — parents, caregivers, and other professionals — to form loving and nurturing relationships with them.

Through this workshop, participants will be initiated on a critical journey to change their mindset and being by gaining a comprehensive and empathetic understanding of why autistic individuals engage in "inappropriate" behaviours from stimming to meltdowns.

This foundational understanding is essential for knowing how to interact and connect with autistic individuals effectively.
Sat Jul 13, 2019
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM SGT
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Merpati Hall, Level 3, Geylang East Public Library
General Admission FULL
Venue Address
50 Geylang East Ave 1, Singapore 389777 Singapore
A Mother's Wish for an Empathic Singapore

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